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5 Reasons every small business needs a Logo

Established Look
A logo conveys that your business is established. More specifically that your company has a unique identity. Customers who see unique logo conceptualize or form an idea about your company in that particular graphic and the way it is presented.

It gives you a Brand
There are many financial advisors in the marketplace and many of which rely on the standard tree design to exemplify growth. This is appropriate to convey the message that they are growing your money but simple changes such as adding a swing to the tree adds the idea of carefree as well. It sets you apart from your competition

Easier for customers to remember
The Nike dash, Facebook, Fed Ex, Apple just to name a few. Their logos are distinctive and unique. Most importantly research shows that people remember images easier than words.

Resale and Investment
If you ever plan to sell your business in the future a logo suggests that your business is distinctive and has value in terms of goodwill and acts as an intangible asset. Investors are also more likely to invest in a company that has an established brand.

Customer trust and loyalty
Using a logo for your business shows that you "staked your claim" and that your serious about your business. This translates into a message that you are a professional and that is why the customer should use you in the first place and stay loyal to you.  

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