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What makes a great logo?

First, a good logo is simple in design but complex in theory. This means that the logo itself is fairly basic on the surface however the image carries a deeper significance overall. Twitter is a good example in this instance where they use a simple blue bird for their logo. However looking closely at the blue bird you can see the birds beak is slightly open indicating the bird is in the process of tweeting. Contrast that with what Twitter does - short messages that reach a wide audience you have a perfect synergy in messaging.

A great logo is quickly identifiable, such as the McDonalds logo. The golden arches of McDonalds is known worldwide as one of the most popular fast food restaurants. Interestingly, the golden arches don't necessarily identify with food but rather a large "M". This also demonstrates that the logo doesn't necessarily need to identify directly with a particular market versus a particular brand.

Lastly, a logo is memorable such as the Nike dash. Not only is the Nike logo simple and quickly identifiable but is memorable. The dash identifies so strongly with speed and athleticism that is nearly impossible to forget.  

Anatomy Of A Logo - FedEx

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Anatomy of a logo - FedEx

FedEx has probably one of the most recognizable logos on earth. However, many don't catch the fact that there is an arrow formed between the letters of the "E" and "X" . This provides a subtle hint that the company is fast and nimble which are admirable qualities for any type of delivery company. This also demonstrates that with minimal manipulation of letters you can create some very unique effects while keeping the logo simple.

In terms of the purple and orange colors, we can perceive these as qualities that the company wishes to express. The orange color denotes warmth and friendliness which are important factors in customer service. The purple color signifies sophistication and nobility which translates into qualities of why we should trust the brand. Also, FedEx has also used different colors for the EX in the past to identify different areas of the business such as freight.

Altogether an excellent example of a simple letter logo that makes a big statement by manipulating the font and using unique colors for maximum effect.

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Tips for a Great Small Business Logo

Simplicity – The pervasive attitude toward logo design is still minimalistic. I say still because this has been the case for a long time. From time to time industries morph into different common design themes such as the real estate industry where the key was the most common but now it is roof lines. In the end however the simplest design usually carries the most punch if done correctly – see the Century 21 real estate logo
Engaging – When someone see’s your logo does it convey what you do, your company’s mission, and most importantly is it memorable? Is it original and unlike your competitors?
Scalability / Media – Is the logo scalable in terms of how it will look on a large trade show graphic versus a small letter head? The level of detail becomes apparent the larger the graphic is displayed. Thought should also be given to whether how it will translate to an embroidered stich design if this will be used on company shirts.
Color – When you look at many of the most successful large businesses, regardless of industry, one common aspect they have in common is how they use color. The great majority of these company’s only use one to two colors – this brings us back to simplicity.  

Anatomy of a logo - Amazon

I'm a big fan of keeping things simple with a minimalist twist.....take for instance the Amazon logo which is one of my favorites. First the use of black lettering conveys power which undoubtedly is consistent with Amazon being the largest retailer worldwide. Then we have the underline yellow/gold arrow. The colors of gold and yellow are fairly close in terms of conveying friendliness however the darker tint of gold adds the significance of wealth.

In terms of the shape of the arrow, a lot of people first identify it as a smile - a smile works and is synonymous with good service. But, notice where the arrow starts at "A" then goes to "Z". The meaning - "we have everything you are looking for from A to Z". Talk about making your name work for you!!!

5 Reasons every small business needs a Logo

Established Look
A logo conveys that your business is established. More specifically that your company has a unique identity. Customers who see unique logo conceptualize or form an idea about your company in that particular graphic and the way it is presented.

It gives you a Brand
There are many financial advisors in the marketplace and many of which rely on the standard tree design to exemplify growth. This is appropriate to convey the message that they are growing your money but simple changes such as adding a swing to the tree adds the idea of carefree as well. It sets you apart from your competition

Easier for customers to remember
The Nike dash, Facebook, Fed Ex, Apple just to name a few. Their logos are distinctive and unique. Most importantly research shows that people remember images easier than words.

Resale and Investment
If you ever plan to sell your business in the future a logo suggests that your business is distinctive and has value in terms of goodwill and acts as an intangible asset. Investors are also more likely to invest in a company that has an established brand.

Customer trust and loyalty
Using a logo for your business shows that you "staked your claim" and that your serious about your business. This translates into a message that you are a professional and that is why the customer should use you in the first place and stay loyal to you.  

Arttitude Shirt - one of these projects that have just been sitting on the back burner that I have finally got around to......

One of my first attempts at a product cutaway. I'm not an electrician so don't follow this as a technical example!!! Focused on the placement of the switch within the wall, the metallic finishes, wiring aspects, thread and coupling designs. Also used, gradients to highlight the metallic design.

Cut away of a light switch installed behind drywall.

Tribal art - Was happy with my initial experiments with smooth variations of tribal art. The main bodies are similar with added aspects mainly for the dragon head and wings.