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Anatomy Of A Logo - FedEx

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Anatomy of a logo - FedEx

FedEx has probably one of the most recognizable logos on earth. However, many don't catch the fact that there is an arrow formed between the letters of the "E" and "X" . This provides a subtle hint that the company is fast and nimble which are admirable qualities for any type of delivery company. This also demonstrates that with minimal manipulation of letters you can create some very unique effects while keeping the logo simple.

In terms of the purple and orange colors, we can perceive these as qualities that the company wishes to express. The orange color denotes warmth and friendliness which are important factors in customer service. The purple color signifies sophistication and nobility which translates into qualities of why we should trust the brand. Also, FedEx has also used different colors for the EX in the past to identify different areas of the business such as freight.

Altogether an excellent example of a simple letter logo that makes a big statement by manipulating the font and using unique colors for maximum effect.

Image result for fedex logo

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